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Moxiefigue - A Moxie Girlz Community [entries|friends|calendar]
Moxiefique - Moxie Girlz Community

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List up [25 Jul 2010|09:36am]

can someone help me, to make a list with all moxie relases so far :) ?
<3 in germany moxie girlz are not for sale (AH<-<)! so i need help to collect them.
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My First Moxie "Lexa" :) [17 Jul 2009|04:21pm]

Hey My Dears,
i want to share some pictures of my Basic Lexa :)
i love her so much <3.


+ 4 Princess Lexa Photos <3Collapse )

At the moment, moxies are not sold in Germany, so i buy her from the USA <3.
maybe you can imagine how happy i am now :)

a parcel,a parcel,a parcel *___* <3Collapse )
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Moxiefique [15 Aug 2009|05:36am]


Its time for a Moxie Girlz Community :]

Moxiefique [Moxie + Manifigue] is dedicated to the wonderfull moxie girlz. so , if you love moxie dolls , this is place for you <3.

+Acceptable Things to Post+

- Pictures
- Moxie news
- Opinions
- Comments
- Fanart
- Auctions/Direct Sale items
-You get the idea ^_~
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